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We are committed to helping our visitors find low-cost, high-quality auto insurance policies as quickly as possible. We have been in the business for almost four decades, which means we substantiate every promise we make with years of experience. We started out as a small mom-and-pop company in Missouri in 1971. We have evolved significantly over the years, and we now serve the states of Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as well as Missouri. Recently, we branched out by creating a website to serve thousands more shoppers online.

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What We Do

The purpose of the site we created is to offer small-town service with the efficiency and savings of large national brokers. Our business grew from very humble beginnings, and as a result, we value each and every visitor to our site. We will never take your business for granted; in fact, we make it our number-one priority to find you the best protection available. Until you've found a policy that you're happy with and can afford, we will not rest. The way we assist our visitors is by providing them with exclusive quotes on policies from a number of national companies. We spare our visitors all of the legwork involved in comparison shopping by doing it for them.

Why Rely on Us?

You might be surprised to learn that we are not an insurer, nor is our site sponsored by a particular brand. We like to think of ourselves as a personal referral service for people looking for the best coverage options. Moreover, we are a small, Missouri-based company that knows and understands the needs of residents of Missouri and its surrounding states. You can expect us to be familiar with the laws in your state and to help you find a policy accordingly. Remember that we've either lived or provided policies in your state for decades, so you can trust our knowledge and expertise. You can also visit for more tips.

Get the Coverage You Need at the Lowest Price

If you would like to search for the quality policies in Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Arkansas, you can get started right now. By entering your ZIP code into the field above, you can view several rates from top carriers in your area. We don't stop at providing you just one quote; we provide up to five at once to make your shopping experience easier and faster. For the best car insurance rates and unparalleled service, request a quote from us today.